3 Amazing Halal Beef Jerky Products You Can Not Miss!

Now it's 2021 and since 2017 we have been reviewing Halal Beef Jerky! 

Beef Jerky is now the most popular snack in America, hands down. 

It is so popular, Hershey's the iconic chocolate brand has entered into space through the acquisition of Krave Jerky.  It's almost impossible to go to any grocery store without being inundated with jerky displays at every check out line. 

Still though, many Halal consumers have yet to try it primarily due to lack of availability or general unfamiliarity. 

But with savvier American-born Halal consumer's coming of age and the current landscape of snack products being limited - new players are emerging to fill the void.  Beef Jerky is a hot item right now and everyone is on the lookout for choice cuts.  

So which jerky should you go out and try? 

Here are 3 Jerky options we think you won't want to miss.

Halal Beef Jerky


1.  Moroccan Khlii Jerky

Amazing flavor, spice, and taste.  these guys know what they are doing when it comes to a high-quality product that does not compromise on quality.  They are hands down the "cleanest" meat product you will find, not only among the Halal products but even among the non-halal options (if you are looking).  On the flip side that high quality does mean you will pay a premium for their choice cuts and minimally processed product. 

Key features:

  •  Certified Halal 
  • Premium Lean Meat
  • Unique Flavors and Spice
  • Minimally Processed
  • No Chemicals, MSG or Nitrates

Moroccan Khlii has two flavors for you to choose from.

  1. Khlii Flavor - The original and their most popular 
  2. Harissa - a new Harissa (What is Harissa?)

Want to get more information about this tasty jerky?

a.  Check out the Halal SnackBox IG post with images HERE

c.  Get some in the Meat Subscription Box.  

d.  Shop Moroccan Khlii Jerky in our snack shop


2.  Aliyans Signature Beef Jerky

 Like BBQ?  If so, this might be your ticket.  Smoky, flavorful, with hearty pieces that are clearly from some nicer cuts of beef.  This jerky is definitely a high-quality product loaded with flavor and taste.  Every piece is well seasoned and is a thicker sirloin "knuckle" cut different than the average jerky.   It's definitely a taste sensation you will want to try!  

How do you get some?  Well this is produced by a well known Meat supplier out of Chicago. Halal SnackBox does stock these, if you subscribe to the Meat & Protein Box, you can enjoy them and decide if it's one of your favorites.  

Key Features:

  • Halal Certified 
  • Premium Lean Meat
  • Whole Muscle Meat (Not Chopped and formed) - Signature flavor
  • Award Winning Recipes

Aliyan's has three flavors currently:

  1. Signature Beef Jerky - whole meat cuts of jerky
  2. Original Beef Jerky - award wining taste and flavor
  3. Spicy Chile Jerky -

You can also purchase these direct from our snack shop here.

Update:  Aliyans has stopped producing their jerky for some time but are working on retooling and relaunching soon. 

3.  Mummified Jerky

If anyone can lay claim to being the first meat snack makers in history, it's likely the Egyptians :).  If you visit our friends at MJ - you will see that there is, in fact, evidence for that.

Regardless, you want to eat, fresh, soft, flavorful jerky right?  Well, Mummified Jerky does not disappoint! 

First off kudos to their team for launching out the gate with FOUR Beef Jerky flavors and a Chicken Jerky as well! 

Their packaging is creative and interesting, it looks like Egyptian papyrus paper with mummy hieroglyphics, pretty cool. 

When it comes to taste, you will not find a softer, more supple style of jerky! its sweet and tangy that come in unique flavors like Cumin Cilantro, Desert Jalapeno, Teriyaki or our favorite, the Chariot Sriracha! 

What's more, their products are definitely healthier than the average jerky and they display this clearly with call-outs for "No added MSG" and "No added Nitrates or Nitrites"!  

Want to try some?  Of course you do.  Visit our snackshop and check these out here

Subscribe to the Meat & Protein box, and you can get this in an upcoming snackbox!

 Key Features:

  • Halal Certified by Halal Transactions of Omaha
  • Tender Jerky
  • Whole Muscle Meat  (Not chopped and formed)
  • Unique Flavors and Tastes
  • No MSG, Nitrates, or Nitrites

Mummified has seven different flavors to choose from.

  1. Original Silver Nile  - Sweet and Salty with that nice Worcestireshire sauce
  2. King Tut Teriyaki - Made with a citrus based Teriyaki sauce
  3. Luxor Cumin Cilantro - A Carne Asada based flavor, sweet and spicy 
  4. Desert Jalapeno - Spicy and tender - one of our best sellers
  5. Chariot Sriracha - Sweet Asian Chili Spice
  6. Cleopatra Buffalo Chicken - Whole breast meat jerky
  7. Nefertiti Mango Habanero - Chicken Jerky that is spicy but that delivers on taste!

 Update 5/2021 - Mummified has paused the production of their Beef Jerky but are retooling and will be launching again soon.

Check out our article on the latest Jerky choices you must try here.

    So, which jerky are you most interested in trying?  Let us know!

    Last, we just posted a new article comparing the 5 super popular non-Halal snacks which their Halal alternatives.  Check it out HERE.  Enjoy!

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