5 Amazing Halal Snacks to Delight Your Taste Buds

Halal Grocery Aisle

You go down the snack aisle wanting to grab everything, but know you can’t because many of the tasty snacks have ingredients that you don’t want to consume—this is a regular occurrence for anyone following a lifestyle that involves a halal diet.  This is typically most Muslims.   However, halal isn’t just a type of food that is consumed by Muslims, but in many cases it is consumed by everyone. Additionally, keeping it halal can actually have a lot of health benefits when it comes to your diet, such as making sure that the food is free from contamination of toxins and certain harmful chemicals that plague many general supermarket brands. Eating halal meat also ensures that each animal slaughtered was taken care of, free from animal brutality, as well as making sure the slaughter is as quick and painless as possible.

Halal snacking can be a challenge for some, even in major cities where there are robust Muslim populations, so often many find themselves beginning to reach for the Oreos, Cheetos, or little debbies—but don’t fret! We’ve compiled a short list of amazing halal snacks that will delight your taste buds.

  1. Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas-

Saffron Road Chickpeas

Saffron Road is a halal certified company providing many tasty options for quick halal snacking, to ready-to-eat meals. Their crunchy chickpeas come in a variety of flavors such as wasabi, Korean BBQ, falafel and more. These chickpeas don’t only attract the halal crowd but are enjoyed by a variety of people across the United States. Saffron Road’s mission is to source their ingredients in an antibiotic-free, sustainable and humane way. The best part is that they’re readily available in stores such as Shoprite, Whole Foods and Costco.

2.  Enjoy Life Plentils Chips-

These chips are delicious and attract people with diverse pallets or those who want to explore flavors across the globe. Enjoy Life caters to a varied amount of dietary needs or lifestyles such as gluten-free, allergy-friendly, kosher and – of course – halal! The Plentils chips (which are deemed “crunchy lentil snacks”) can range from Moroccan spice to Thai chili lime or to even margarita pizza. If you’re daring, try some of Enjoy Life’s dessert options too. You can find this brand at stores such as CVS, Target, and Rite Aid.

  • 3.  Maggi Noodles and Soups-
  • maggi halal noodles

    Who wouldn’t want a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup when they’re sick? Maggie creates products that can range from quick pastas, ramen-like soups and even thai soups. All the meat flavorings are halal and can be enjoyed by anyone.. They’re a cost-friendly, easy and quick snacking option that has flavors to dance across your mouth for hours. You can find their products in most South Asian market or even online.

    4.  Midamar or Moroccan Khlii Beef Jerky -

    That’s correct, you absolutely read that right—we finally have halal jerky options! Long gone are the days where we longingly look at our friends eating these staple snacks on road trips. Midamar’s hickory smoked jerky is a great addition to your pantry. And, if you’re looking for a unique jerky flavor, you can try the Moroccan Khlii brand. 

    5. Eti Benimo Chocolate Marshmellow Biscuits With Coconut - 

    Fortunately for people that maintain a halal diet, there’s a booming industry in the halal foods market! In recent years, snack hunting has become much easier.  If you’re in need of some nutritional halal snacks, or maybe just are curious about the halal options near you, try the halal treats above.

    So, Which are you most excited about?


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