7 Snacks from Pakistan That Will Have You Smiling (While Reaching for Water)

Who would have thought that the country that brought you the Shalwar Khameez, Rooh-Afza and the Sagar Veena would have a whole bunch of snack products that would completely blow your mind (and mouth)?  Well Pakistan has a rich heritage, immense culture and a cuisine which is AMAAAZING!  So it's fitting that their snacks should be special too.

Let's see how a country with all that culture, flavor, and musical legacy condenses it all together into compact bite sized items.  Who wants to take a snack trip to Pakistan? 

No passport?  This image of a Pakistan one will suffice.

Here we go.... Currently our picks for some of the best snacks from Pakistan are: 


1.  Chillz Chatpata - 

Chillz Chatpata Potato Sticks - Salty, spicy, savory snack

These crunchy, flavorful taste sensations are like taking everything great from a "chaat masala" and somehow having it layered onto thinly sliced slivers of potatoes. Chillz, which are made by Snackcity in Pakistan have three flavors - one of the others make our top list in the "spicy" category.  But this one, Chatpata is special.  The spice level is more tolerable for most people but the flavors take you for a unique ride, unlike any other savory potato snack we have tried.  You can order Chillz Chatpata here.  

 Want to see more about Chillz?  Check out this TV ad which shows the experience pretty well:


2. Mezban Ras Malai Cupcakes


Mexban Ras Malai, RasMalai Cupcake, cupcakes, sweet treat.

When you think of Pakistani deserts, cupcakes are probably not one that comes to mind.  Ras Malai , the creamy, milky, cheesecake-like whey balls on the other hand is.  Mezban, a food brand in Pakistan obviously realizing the craze for cupcakes thought it would be a good idea to fuse these two treats toghether.  At first glance you're like, how can Ras Malai possibly be made into cupcakes?? But once you bite in you are pleasantly surprised as to how well the taste comes through.  Mezban does have a "Mango" cupcake, but we think the Ras Malai edges it out taste and flavor wise.  If you love Ras Malai and are looking for a fun treat to put into the lunchbox, these are for you.   Looking to purchase these online?  Ras Malai Cupcakes are here.


3.  Biscolata Cocomo's

Cocomo Chocolate filled biscuits, cocoa, cream, shapes

Bisconni, a well known cookie brand in Pakistan has made a name for themselves with these little sweet wheat biscuits filled with Chocolate Cream.  They are bite size and fun, cute shapes that you want to look at before putting them into your mouth.  Now to be fair, many companies such as Lotte Hello Panda and Solen Biscolata from Turkey have similar products, but for the price the Cocomo cannot be beaten.   Need a fun school snack that fits conveniently into any lunch bag?  Cocomo's are a great option.  Looking to get some?  You can get Cocomo online here.

 Here's an older commercial by Bisconni, makers of Cocomo:


4.  Chillz Spicy

Chillz Ketchup, Potato Sticks

Aww yeah, are you a desi spicy food fiend?  If so, we may have found your perfect snack!  Interesting how they named from something cold yet are hot.  If there is a reason these are called Chillz it must be because of all the "heat" these contain, so much that they give you the chills.  Everyone knows Indian and Pakistani food is spicy, and these little sticks do justice to that notion.  Looking for these online?  Find Chillz here


5.  Slanty Jalapeno

Slanty Potato Snack, Jalapeno

These little penne pasta shaped savories are a hit with the spice lovers.  They have a softer bite to them than the Chillz but still pack a nice kick.  Kolson, a snack brand in PK, has a line of Slanty flavors but this one is among their most popoular.  The packaging is not elegant, and has a kind of 80's feel to it but once you look past all that you have a uniquely spiced savory snack that is all the rage in Pakistan.  Recently Slanty has received some bad press about it's quality of production.  Many of these issues have been resolved according to Slanty and Kolson but if you are not sure if Slanty is the right choice for you, consider some of our other savory snacks here.

Purchase Slanty here.

Want to see a commercial about Slanty?  Check this out:



6.  Chili Mili

Chili Mili - spicy gummies, gummy candy

What do you get when you cross red hot chili peppers and sweet gummy bears?  Chili Mili.  Now these are an acquired taste for some but if you have ever lived in South Asia somewhere, these will taste like a part of the world you are familiar with.  This candy is super popular in Pakistan and for good reason.  Its full of spicy sweetness that is unlike any other treat we have tried.  We do have to give them credit for being creative and actually having gummies made in the shape of a chili.  Pretty cool.  A totally distinct candy and taste you will not find in most stores in the US.  Want to get some?  You can purchase these direct from our snack shop here.

Chili Mili Commercial:


7.  Kolson Lotte Choco Pie

Kolson Lotte Choco Pie

Lotte, the famous South Korean brand that bought a controlling stake in Kolson of Pakistan has recently come out with a Pakistani produced Choco Pie (yes, the sweet treat everyone loves).  It's Halal but the taste somehow stays true to the original flavor of the South Korean treat.  What do you get when you mix a layer of marshmallow between two cakes and cover it in chocolate?  Choco Pie!!  These taste similar to the Ulker Halley cookie but just bigger and softer.  With all this Korean and Pakistani collaboration we look forward to the next set of treats to come out from our friends at Kolson Lotte.  Find Kolson Lotte Choco Pie here.

Check out the Kolson Lotte Choco Pie Commercial here:


Well, there you have it, if you are looking for a food adventure that will take you across the sea and over to the land of flavors known as Pakistan, these snacks will take you there, all without having to sit through a 20 hour flight.

By the way, if you would like to order all of these snacks in one box - our "Snacks from Pakistan" box is the perfect solution.  

Stay tuned to more from Halal SnackBox!!

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