Are Haribo Gummy Candies Halal? And which taste better - The American Haribo or the Turkish Haribo?

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Haribo is one of America's favorite brands for gummy candies and it's also one of our favorites, mostly because the quality of Haribo is superior to the alternatives. But are Haribo’s halal? and what's the difference between Turkish, American or German made gummies.

Halal or Not?

We contacted Haribo asking the halal status of their products and received the following response from

"HARIBO sets high benchmarks when it comes to the ingredients used for its products. Only absolutely perfect raw materials are used to manufacture HARIBO products.
Fruit gum products are made from a mixture of glucose syrup, sugar and a gelling agent such as gelatin or starch, for example. Other ingredients such as fruit and vegetable concentrates, flavorings, 
starch and a little citric acid are then added to this mixture.

HARIBO has produced fruit gum for over 90 years; during these many years, the company has gained extensive manufacturing experience in this area. Each different gelling agent (gelatin, starch, agar-agar etc.) results in a different consistency. Many HARIBO fans particularly appreciate the consistency of those of our products that contain gelatin - they have often done so for several generations - and do not want this consistency to change. However, HARIBO is of course also aware of the fact that products that contain gelatin do not meet every consumer's needs. For this reason, HARIBO also offers alternative fruit gum products - another long-standing company tradition - that are made with starch, agar-agar or Gellan gum, respectively do not contain any ingredients of animal origin whatsoever. Our Turkey production facility uses only beef-derived gelatin; however, our Germany production facility uses pork-derived gelatin.

To determine the gelatin source, please look on the bottom half of the backside of the HARIBO USA package. If the candies packaging says "Made in Turkey" or "Product of Turkey," it is HALAL certified made with beef gelatin. If the candies packaging says "Made in Germany," "Made in Austria," "Product of Germany" or "Product of Austria" it was made with pork gelatin."

Haribo found in the local US markets

There are still rumors that Haribo sold for the American market even if Turkey is on the packing are made from pork gelatin or non-halal (zabiha) beef gelatin. Soon there will be a American Haribo factory making it less likely that American Haribo will stay halal. That's why we encourage purchasing products directly imported from Turkey, made for Turkish markets. This is what we sell!

In Conclusion

In my Haribo obsession days, which are still continuing I buy Haribos wherever I can find them due to the scarcity of this coveted product. I started noticing a difference in ingredients and flavor between Turkish imported gummies found typically in Halal grocery stores and Haribo found at the local grocery store. The quality and taste in products made for the Turkish market was much, much higher! You will find that to be true in many products made outside of the USA unfortunately. Here is a taste test between German and American Haribo and here is a comparison of German, British & American Haribo. Unfortunately no article compares the difference between Haribo for the American vs Turkish market, that article is coming soon!

Due to this quality difference and the lack of Halal verification for the American market Halal Snack Box insists on selling only Turkish imported Haribo products. Taste the difference today!


  • May I know if Haribo Goldbears, Espana S.A.U halal?

    jess ho
  • My products from Haribo are made in Spain and Brazil are these made with the pork geletin?


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