The Amazing Benefits of Turmeric

The first thing that might pop into your mind when you think of turmeric is its distinct taste and color. However, as more research is done, scientists are beginning to realize just how beneficial turmeric is to your general health. In fact, there is very little that turmeric can’t do!

Now, turmeric contains useful compounds that are known as curcuminoids. Of these, curcumin is the most significant. It is responsible for most of the healthful effects of this spice. To get a better understanding of just what turmeric can do for you, check out the points below.

It Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation is responsible for many of the common medical conditions that people battle every day. This includes heart disease, metabolic disorders, cancers, degenerative diseases, and arthritis. Therefore, if you are able to prevent or reduce inflammation in the body, you would be able to ward off quite a few diseases.

Well, this is exactly what turmeric does. The curcumin in this spice has been proven to have potent anti-inflammatory properties. It is even on par with drugs that have been designed for this purpose. Of course, the main benefit of turmeric is that there are no side effects to worry about.

So, just how is it that turmeric manages to curb inflammation in the body? Well, curcumin works as a bioactive agent. As a result, it is capable of reducing the effect of a molecule known as NF-kB. This compound goes into the nuclei of cells and activates the genes for inflammation. Curcumin can prevent this from happening.

Improves the Antioxidant Capabilities of Your Body

There is a good chance that you have heard a great deal about antioxidants. However, you may not be too clear on what they are and why they are so good for you. So, let’s break this concept down first and then go onto to examine how turmeric can help with the antioxidant capabilities of the body.

Free radicals are unstable molecules with unpaired electrons. Therefore, they tend to react with all kinds of organic substances. This includes proteins, fatty acids, and even DNA – in short, important compounds in your body.

When this happens, oxidative damage takes place. This, in turn, can cause cell and tissue damage. Among the many consequences of this, premature aging is a main concern. Fortunately, curcumin can act as an antioxidant.

Antioxidants protect your cells from free radicals by neutralizing their effects. Turmeric, however, goes one step further in this process. It has also been found to boost the effect of your body’s own antioxidant system. This helps to keep the radicals at bay even further.

May Prevent Heart Disease

One of the biggest health concerns in the developed world is heart disease. Now, the reason that it can be so tricky to prevent is because there are often a number of different factors at play in the appearance of this disease.

The most common perpetrators are inflammation, free radicals, and endothelial dysfunction. Now, as mentioned, turmeric already has a considerable impact on inflammation on free radicals and inflammation. Well, it turns out that the spice can help with the endothelial cells as well.

The endothelium is the lining of your blood vessels. When it fails to function properly, it is unable to regulate blood pressure properly and can lead to an increase in blood clotting. Essentially, it is an important factor in heart disease.

Well, experts have discovered that curcumin can help to ease many issues associated with the endothelium. In fact, it has been shown to be as effective as some of the medications used to treat heart disease as well.

Could Reduce Brain-Related Diseases

What many people don’t realize is that your brain is actually capable of producing newer neurons and, as a result, improving connections between them as well. When this happens, it considerably reduces the risk of brain-related conditions, including degenerative ones.

The substance responsible for this process is BDNF. And, to observe the positive effects of this compound, the brain needs to be able to produce appropriate levels. This is why it is excellent news that curcumin is able to increase levels of BDNF in the brain.

Therefore, if people were to take certain levels of curcumin on a regular basis, they may just be able to prevent many brain-related issues. What’s more, considering the work of BDNF, there could be other benefits as well. People may be able to boost different areas of their cognitive capabilities too.

May Be Able to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Speaking of brain-related conditions, there is no denying that Alzheimer’s is a tragic disease. Unfortunately, there isn’t a suitable treatment for the condition at this time. This is why most doctors are concerned with preventing it in the first place.

This is something that curcumin may be able to help with. Now, some of the causes of Alzheimer's are linked to oxidative damage and inflammation. The above research shows that turmeric can help with these issues. However, it can play a further, positive role as well.

Experts have found that amyloid plaques – essentially protein tangles – can increase the risk of Alzheimer's as well. A silver lining is that curcumin can clear some of these plaques away. Thus, the risk of developing this disease does drop quite a bit.

May Be Able to Treat Depression

Lower levels of BDNF don’t just increase the possibility of brain-related diseases. There is also research to suggest that depression is linked to less BDNF in the brain as well. Of course, as mentioned, curcumin can boost these levels, and thus help to treat individuals who have been diagnosed with depression.

To add to this, studies have found that curcumin can also result in an increase in the brain neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. These, too, have been shown to help battle the symptoms of depression and work to improve people’s moods in general.

It is clear that turmeric can have a positive impact on virtually every element of your health. So, it is important to try and include as much turmeric in your diet as possible. Add it to your dishes and eat snacks that include this ingredient. With time, you will certainly be able to see how much more healthy and happier you are.

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