The Top Halal Burgers Across America

Burgers are a staple for American cuisine and restaurants are beginning to get craftier with the type of burgers they’re offering on their menus. With more people asking for halal options, halal burgers are growing in popularity around the US. Check out our list of restaurants with the best Halal burgers across America.

So what went into this list selection you ask?  We evaluated the following:  

Halal Meat Verification, Customer Reviews, overall popularity and uniqueness of Burger.

This list is NOT a "ranking" rather all of these burgers have made it to the top tier in our evaluation.  In alphabetical order they are: 

The Black Label Burger - The Minetta Tavern (NYC)

The Black Label Burger is served at one of the most iconic taverns in New York, the Minetta Tavern. With such upscale menu items and chef-prepared specialties, you can expect that their signature burger The Black Label Burger, is worth the hype.  Be ready for the sticker shock, $30 for simply a meat patty, onions and a bun. 

Disclaimer:  This restaurant does server Alcohol and so while not following Halal in that regard, many Halal eaters still visit to carry out this burger.  

The Black Label Burger is rated as one of the best burgers in the US across the whole burger category! The highlight of the burger is the halal meat used to craft it. It uses a variety of meat cuts including short rib, skirt, brisket, and dry-aged rib eye all on one burger. Pat LaFrieda provides the meat, some of the best halal meats on the market. The burger is topped with caramelized onions and cheese to finish off the creation.

(212) 475-3850

The Classic Burger - Burgers By Honest Chops (NYC)

This place is a newer addition to the Halal food scene but has already won it's place among the top.  Born out of the idea that a better food supply chain means a higher quality product Honest Chops have been true to the "Halal" mantra.   The restaurant is a small "whole in the wall" like place but don't let that fool you.  They put out some amazing burgers that people are raving about.  The Classic Burger, the Steak and Cheese and Chicken are just a few of the favorites.  Looking for a good side complement?  Their truffle fries have been given high marks by most and their soda selection is full of specialty drinks such as Blueberry, Spicy Ginger and the Mexicane.  

(212) 677-2110

Craft Your Own Halal Burger - Burger Boss (Los Angeles, CA)

The name of your burger creation is whatever you want it to be when you dine at the Burger Boss. The owner relocated to LA and established the premier burger restaurant in 2011, which has already won recognition for having the best burgers in town. The restaurant centers around allowing customers to create their own burgers, all of which use grass-fed, halal beef.

Making your own halal burger at the Burger Boss is an entire experience worth having. Giant touchscreen order stations line the restaurant walls for you to customize your burger with any number of patties and more than 30 toppings to your liking. Come on your birthday and you can get a free burger!

(877) 822-0908

The End Burger - BRU Burger Bar (Cincinnati, OH) 

The End Burger is a whirlwind of flavors, being one of the top signature burgers from the BRU Burger Bar in Cincinnati. The BRU Burger bar has many award-winning burgers, using fresh ingredients from locally sourced farms. The burgers all use beef provided by Creekstone Farm Beef, well-known for their high-quality halal beef and other meats.

Disclaimer:  This restaurant does server Alcohol and so while not following Halal in that regard, many Halal eaters still visit to carry out this burger.  

The End Burger is made with a Creekstone Farm halal beef patty, along with horseradish, over easy egg, truffle aioli, caramelized onions, lettuce, and tomato.

(513) 463-6003

Epic Burger Classic - Epic Burger (Chicago IL)

The Epic Burger Classic is the signature burger from one of Chicago’s most popular halal burger chains. Epic Burger has several locations around Chicago, each serving the specialty burger. The restaurant is well-known for using halal-certified beef from Creekstone Farms. The burger uses premium Black Angus Beef with either a single or double patty. You’ll have your choice of standard burger toppings and covered with Epic sauce to create the signature taste.

No GMO’s or additives are included in any of the meat used in the burgers. Epic Burger has updated their policies to ensure that all halal burgers are cooked on designated grills and use clean utensils to avoid cross contamination.


HiHo Cheeseburger - HiHo Cheeseburger (Los Angeles, CA)

The HiHo cheeseburger is the namesake burger of the HiHo Cheeseburger restaurant. It’s the closest thing to a traditional “burger joint” for people in LA. The menu consists of burgers, shakes, and drinks, making it easy to decide what you wish to order. You’ll have your choice of a double or triple patty burger topped with cheese, ketchup, onion jam, lettuce, house-made pickles, and mustard.

Differing from standard burger restaurants, many companies were tested for finding the perfect meat to craft their burgers, and halal meat fit perfectly for HiHo Cheeseburger. All of the beef used in grass-fed and antibiotic-free.


Holy Burger - Holy Cow NYC (NYC)

The Holy Burger is a fitting name for the signature burger from Holy Cow NYC. One of the premier halal restaurants in NYC, Holy Cow NYC is located directly above the Ar-Rahman mosque. The restaurant debuts secret menu items via social media, but the Holy Burger is one of the staples that you can order at any time you’re craving a halal burger.

The Holy Burger is made of 6 oz. of halal beef along with beef bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onion, and topped with Holy Sauce. You can also order the burger with cheese.

(917) 250-3095

The House Burger - Olive Burger (Dallas, TX)

Olive Burger is not your typical burger joint, its a unique burger place where they bring a fusion of Mediterranean kabob spices to the traditional American classic.  Their burgers are typically 1/3 pound patty made in house and prepared fresh as you order.  They have an amazingly juicy Chicken sandwich which many consider as good as their burgers and their fries are also highly recommended.  Olive Burger has three locations in Dallas.  While Frisco and Plano are newer, Richardson is their original spot and still seems to put out the best burgers.  


JoBurger - Peli Peli Kitchen (Houston, TX)

JoBurger gets its name from Johannesburg, South Africa, the inspiration behind the Peli Peli Kitchen. Peli Peli Kitchen is located in Houston, serving a variety of South African-inspired dishes. With their newly updated menu, Peli Peli Kitchen has introduced an all-halal meat menu, including their signature burger.

The JoBurger is prepared with a halal beef patty crafted from a Frikadelle, which is a traditional meatball from South Africa. The patty is then topped with peppadews, cheese, and fried onions. Peri Peri BBQ sauce and a special blend called peri-naise provide the finishing touches. You can also order the JoBurger without the bun or BBQ sauce for a Keto-friendly meal.

(281) 257-9500

The People’s Choice Burger - Brome Modern Eatery (Detroit, MI)

The People’s Choice Burger is a self-explanatory name for one of the signature burgers from Brome Modern Eatery in Detroit, Michigan. It’s the most popular burger at the eatery, which has become quite famous for their selection of burgers. The restaurant is unique in being sustainable from all aspects, from the food to the aesthetics of the actual restaurant. Sourcing local meat keeps the food fresh, and they use 100% organic halal meat.

The People’s Choice Burger is an organic burger prepared with brisket, white cheddar, tomato, cherry pepper relish, fried onion, coleslaw, and topped with smoked habanero sauce and BBQ sauce.

(313) 996-5050

The Volcano - Bismillah Restaurant (Houston, TX)

With a name like The Volcano, you can expect the perfect combination of flavor and appearance, packing a mouthwatering taste with each bite. The Volcano is one of the signature burgers by Bismillah Restaurant & Café, located in Houston, Texas. All menu items are prepared using 100% halal.

The Volcano consists of a beef patty and chopped Philly rib eye meat. These are topped with a pile of onion rings and smothered with spicy garlic mayo sauce and nacho cheese. The burger arrives sizzling off the grill, and the size of it will require two hands to dive into it for your first bite.

(713) 587-9300

What's Next in the Halal Burger World....

Halal burgers are a progressive global food trend that continues to evolve with every new restaurant opening. Many people are beginning to prefer halal meat, both for religious reasons or health benefits. As many unique burger restaurants pop up, we should begin to see that creativity and evolution extend to the halal burger market as well.


Question - Which of these halal burgers would you want to try out first?

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  • BruBurger in Cincinnati is no longer serving creekstone farms beef. A better option and burger is at Boca.


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