Three new Halal Beef Jerky that will make you question everything!

It’s 2021, so why is there still not any good halal jerky conveniently available for us enjoy?  What gives?  Good news! Times have changed and there is now a great selection of tasty flavorful meat snacks for every Halal Jerky connoisseur to dig their teeth into.  Not sure if it’s really Halal or not sure if these on par with the quality of the “non Halal” ones at every convenience store popping out at you?  Below are three Halal Beef Jerky that we think will have you question everything.  In a good way of course!


Here is our roundup of three new Halal Beef Jerky that are definitely worth your attention!


Sharifa Halal Jerky

Sharifa is a brand started by a large Halal Meat Wholesale company, Saad Meats who are working hard to provide quality Halal Meats across the Midwest and beyond.  They have a large selection of Meat products such as cold cuts, kielbasa, smokey links and more.  Their large warehouse in Detroit offers meat butcher services where you can get every type of beef or lamb cut imaginable.  These guys are hard work taking care of the local Detroit community and delivering meat products across Michigan and neighboring states.  Their commitment to Halal is very strong and they have a large team taking care of day to day operations and customer service.  
Sharifa Jerky is relatively new, it launched last year after they had been testing different jerky products and offerings to find one they felt would be a winner.  In our opinion, all that hard work paid off.  They ended up arriving at 5 flavors of tender salted beef that leaves you looking for more after the first bite.  

What’s good about the jerky?

It’s tender, flavorful and does not use any sugar to keep the meat supple and moist.  That results in a taste that is unique and is a flavorful mix of spices and saltiness.  In our taste tests the Spicy Hot is hugely popular.  Think more hot sauce vs a killer habanero.  Not crazy spicy but definitely gives some zing.  Their packaging is the best of any jerky we have seen with the nice screen prints and call outs, and this definitely gets people more attracted to their product. 


Smileys Halal Jerky            

Smiley’s is an up and coming player in the jerky space but we think their product speaks for itself.  They started in 2014, initially wanting to start a meat company selling hot dogs and kielbasa and had their eye on the lunch meat business but for logistical reasons turned their attention to shelf stable products like beef jerky.  They have meat snacks in the works which they usually launch at the Ramadan Food festival in Detroit annually. They are a small operation, but are dedicated to the Meat business and are working hard to get their products out there.  

When it comes to their beef jerky - they initially started out with 2 flavors, the Original and Peppered, when they started there was no other jerky in the market so they worked hard to find a product that would meet the needs of the community in Detroit.  They looked for the cleanest factory that could product the jerky with no cross contamination, that used high quality recipes that would resonate with the younger and older generation.  When they first launched the original and peppered they sold about 40 cases on their first Ramadan Food festival. Since then they have expanded to new flavors that are selling well but they stick to the same principals of quality that got them their initial success.  

What’s good about the jerky?

The jerky is whole muscle meat pieces, not chopped and formed.  The quality and freshness of the meat permeates throughout the experience of this jerky.  It’s actually smoked in a smokehouse vs just being tenderized and dried.  That smokehouse smell is apparent right from the moment you open the bag.  They have a nice lineup of flavors and they are only getting better.  Three of their current products are Gluten Free and they don’t use MSG for their flavoring.  We can't keep our hands out of the bag! Get these Jerky Here to Try Them Yourself!


Supreme Jerky

Supreme is a new brand to hit the Halal Beef Jerky scene however they have been in the Jerky space for a few years.  Having penetrated into the convenience store market in LA and surrounding areas they now are trying to expand nationally.  They know how to brand themselves and have been getting positive reception from many over their fun logo and big taste.  These guys know jerky and it shows.  Their product is tender and moist but with long whole pieces of muscle meat for you to grab on and consume over a many chews.  Their flavors are unique and can definitely bring the heat!  Their Scorpion Pepper is amongst the hottest jerky we have tried.  Definitely one of their popular sellers.  Supreme has a lineup of product including four Beef Jerky flavors:  Sweet and Spicy, Garlic Jalapeño (our fav), Western Teriyaki and Scorpion Pepper.  Don’t forget they also have sticks to choose from as well.  Their Jalapeño, Teriyaki and Original are all popular especially with kids.

What’s good about the jerky?

Long pieces of hand cut gourmet jerky, marinated and tenderized over a period of time and then slowly dried to bring the flavors out.  We like that they give you a big bag of jerky and although its not cheap! you do feel like you are getting something you can share with others.  Their flavors are a hit with Garlic Jalapeño and Sweet and Spicy starting to gain a fan club.  We have heard there is an Original flavor that is in the works which we are excited about!  One thing that really sets this jerky apart from the others is the standard of certification Supreme uses.  They have partnered with HAFSA which has some of the most strict rules relating to Halal.  Having HAFSA goes along way for many in the Halal community.  Get Supreme Jerky Now!

What's Next for Halal Jerky and you?

A lot has changed over the past few years regarding Halal products and in particular with jerky.   We are starting to see better quality ingredients and better packaging and at this rate there should likely be a huge selection in the next 5 years.  So what jerkies have you tried?  What are you favorites?  Most importantly, what products and flavors would you like to see made in Halal?  

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