Three New Spicy Halal Jerky That Will Challenge You

The spicy challenge phenomenon has been blowing up lately with people across the world challenging each other to pepper infused chips, nuts, and even spicy noodles.  

While all this has been happening the spicy jerky world has been quietly gaining momentum.  What could be a better form factor for conveying spice than jerky, it's dried meat that undergoes a slow and lengthened cooking time in order to remove moisture.  That makes it a perfect medium to infuse with spicy pepper and seasoning that can marinate into the meat over days.  

How does one measure spice?  Well outside of jumping up and down numerous times or glasses of water needed in order to lessen the heat, spice is best measured in Scovilee units.  

What are Scoville Units?  

Wilbur Scoville a scientist working for a Pharmaceutical company back in 1913 came up with a way to measure how spicy something was, or what he described as "pungency" and "heat.  He would take peppers, grind them up and then add sugar and water to them in units thereby diluting them to see how much would take away the heat.  A number would be assigned to each based on the level of dilution.  Today, when asked how spicy something is, we usually refer to the Scoville scale.  It's not necessarily the most accurate measurement but it's one that is pretty popular.  

Back to our jerky.

Today we are looking at three new products from our friends at Mummified Jerky, Supreme Jerky and Katies Premium.  All three will be presented in order of level of spice.  Let's take a deeper dive. 


1.  Mummified Jerky Desert Jalapeno

Amongst the most desirable sweet and spicy jerky products we have had the pleasure of offering at Halal SnackBox, the Desert Jalapeno is definitely the one.  This jerky product is unique in its flavor, texture, and overall satisfaction.  Many customers tell us it's their favorite jerky with just the right amount of heat without being overwhelming, plenty of jalapeno and a hint of smoke.  The tenderness is something not found in many jerky products.  If you haven't tried this jerky yet, you are definitely missing something!!

How spicy is this? 

Well according to the scoville scale which measures heat by units, this jerky is somewhere between 7-10k Scoville.  Definitely something many will be able to handle.  


2.  Supreme Jerky Scorpion Pepper (Halal)

Supreme Jerky, a new player on the Halal Jerky scene is hard at work in releasing their new line of Halal Certified products.  A new Sweet & Spicy, Teriyaki and Jalapeno Garlic are soon to be released but what's more a deliciously fierce, Scorpion Pepper Jerky.  Now we have been given a some samples from their Halal run and we have to tell you, it's really spicy.  Not for someone looking for some light heat.  This will put some fiery burn into your mouth for some time.  With all that heat you'd think it didn't taste good, however the taste is enjoyable and our focus group thoroughly enjoyed it.  

How spicy is this? 

Well according to the scoville scale which measures heat by units, this jerky is somewhere between 600-800K Scoville.  Not for those that can't handle very strong spice.


3. Katies Premium Carolina Reaper (Halal) 

Katies Jerky, a gourmet jerky manufacturer out of Ohio has been in the Spicy Jerky space for some time and have recently collaborated with our team to produce a Halal version of their best selling spicy jerky.  The Carolina Reaper jerky, their most popular flavor has been winning awards left and right in the competitions for the flavor and taste of the jerky.  So what does it taste like?  It is HOT.  This is not a jerky that you will likely sit down and eat a whole bag of in one sitting.  It's a challenge jerky and for good reason.  It's made with one of the spiciest peppers in the world and within seconds of tasting you will know you got into something that will test you.  That being said, our customers have told us that they like the taste of the jerky and appreciate how it's gluten free and minimally processed.  

How spicy is this? 

Well according to the Scoville scale which measures heat by units, this jerky should be somewhere around 800K- 1M Scoville.  This is our most spicy jerky in Halal.   Caution: Do not go for this jerky unless you can take serious spice!! Note, we did work with Katies to pare down the spice, it's still hot but not at a crazy level.


Spicy Challenge = Prize Snacks!!


So, are you up for a spicy challenge?  If so, let us know and if you can handle some of the jerky products listed above on camera with friends, we will reward you!!  That is of course if you consider snackboxes filled with treats a reward.  Let us know, email us at subject: spicy challenge 


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