7 foods to eat in Ramadan you need to add to your plate tonight

For one month every year, the faithful around the world observe Ramadan, a time of spiritual reflection and prayer. Set in the ninth month of the lunar calendar year, it is a month where believers fast from dawn till dusk. It can be strenuous and in order to maintain good health throughout these fasts, the types of food you eat during the post fast and pre fast meals is critical. Many people comment that they feel sluggish during fasting, or they feel bloated and constipated and just don't feel well while fasting or between fasts.  This can have serious affect on your school and work life not to mention your ability to offer night reflections and prayers during the last 10 nights of Ramadan which are extremely valuable.  To get the most out of your Ramadan (and life in general) you have to eat right.  
Here is our list of 7 foods that can have a dramatic change on your Ramadan (and life) health.   Be sure to add good amounts of these to your diet, the sooner the better.

1. Fish 

Fish is a vitality booster full of important minerals and healthy fats your body need.  Go for the wild caught options if you can.  Oh, and avoid frying when you cook it so that you don’t feel bloated after the meal.  Salmon is great but there are other options you can try to add variety and experience more tastes and flavors.

2. Oats

Rich in fiber, proteins, and carbs to keep you feeling full longer. Steel cut oats with fresh or dried fruit and nuts are great.

3. Dates

The Prophetic food that has so much value both in it’s spiritual and health related aspects.  These plump treasures are full of important goodness that keep away harmful diseases and help you to feel way better.  Try to consume regularly even after Ramadan to keep your body feeling better for the long term.

4. Olives

The beautiful dark pearl of the vegetable kingdom!  Looking for more fiber and vitamins?  Look no further than these juicy little bites that pack a flavorful punch!

5. Fruits and Veg

Filled with minerals & vitamins. Also contains water to keep you hydrated. Fruit and veggie smoothies and juices are great!  Try to eat the whole fruit vs juicing and smoothies, you experience a more direct taste and you get more fiber.  Regardless, there is so much benefit to eating these foods that they should be part of every meal, especially in Ramadan.

6. Eggs

Rich in vitamins, nutrients, and proteins. Eating it boiled is easy to digest.  There is so much to be said about these round jewels, they are full of vitamins, help you stay strong and improve eyesight!  Why not add some as a condiment to your next Iftar (fast breaking meal) or have an omelet before beginning your next fast.

7. Nuts

With healthy fats and fiber which easily makes you feel full.  There are so many benefits to nuts, it’s amazing!  Each one has its own virtues and they are part of an important diet that will help you feel better through the long days of summer fasting.  Almonds are great for calcium!  Cashews are great for iron and zinc and the list goes on and on!  A perfect condiment or to pair with oats and oatmeal from above!


Well there you have it, a list of foods that will help you feel better, perform better and that will also help you to reflect during the special days and nights of this beautiful month.  Have something to add to our list?  Please let us know and we will add it!

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