Product Review: Aliyans Spicy Beef Snack Stick

Looking for a long snack stick that will hold you over?  This spicy stick may just be what you are looking for.

Finding good jerky is never an easy task.  So many products are made by cutting corners that it becomes hard to find something that is tasty and made right. 

Today we are looking at the Aliyans Spicy Beef Snack Stick in Original flavor.

These days its difficult not to run into the meat snack section of any grocery store.  They almost thrust you into it while trying to check out and head home. One of the things you'll find there is a growing assortment of meat snack sticks. 

Companies like Tanka, Chomps, The Art of Meat and others are just growing in popularity because it's as though they've found the perfect intersection of convenience, taste, healthiness and price.  Others that have the lion share of the market like Jack Links and Slim Jim have been dominating by flooding gas stations and convenience stores with their products.  

What's also happening is a growing trend among the health and fitness community to try and get away from carbohydrates in lieu of higher protein options.  Hence the popular Paleo and Keto movements which try to remove carbs (not completely but mostly) and return to the original state of man's food or a ketosis state.  There is more emphasis on fat, protein and removing sugar.  

In trying to keep to this higher protein diet, those snack stick companies mentioned earlier have been producing products that meet those dietary requirements.  

How about in the Halal world?  Is anyone working on this for the Halal consumer?  Yes, we mentioned Mummified and some others but in the stick category the best tasting stick you will find is made by Aliyans.  

The Spicy Beef Snack Stick

Looking for a long snack stick that will hold you over?  This spicy stick may just be what you are looking for.

Ingredients:  Beef, Water, Salt, Dextrose, Sugar, Corn Syrup Solids, Encapsulated Citric Acid, Spices, Dehydrated Garlic, Corn Starch, Red Pepper, Monosodium Glutamate, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Spices Extratives, Sodium Nitrate in Collagen Casing


While although Aliyans has done a good job in removing any sodium nitrates from the main meat stick itself, it does still have nitrites in the casing.  Some will find this to be an issue however in talking with some jerky companies, the nitrites that occur naturally in the processing of meat through salt or celery can be just as harmful.  There is also monosodium glutamate to enhance flavor, another ingredient those looking to keep to a minimally processed product will want to be aware of.  


The packaging looks good, the label fairly basic and without any call outs other than the "zabhia halal" and Halal in english on the bottom of the label.  It's fairly straightforward.  

The packaging pulls apart from the top ends, revealing the meat stick inside.  There is no zipper or reseal component, once you open it, it's on you to finish it.  What we like about this stick is that the form factor makes it super convenient to put in the purse, schoolbag, or take to the office for a mid day snack.

Smell, Texture and Taste

This is where the Aliyans Beef Stick really shines.  The recipe used here clearly comes from experience.  The color is a nice dark brown and red, with pepper grinds and fat marbled throughout. kind of like an old-fashioned style stick or sausage.  

The smell has that cured beef and salt aroma, like you stepped into an old smokehouse kind of place.  It's a long stick, a first for the halal products we have seen.  

The taste is great.  First off a nice, "pop" from the collagen casing gets you into the well spiced meat.  Its salty, chewy, a bit like a hot dog but with more of a bite to it.  

It's labeled spicy for a reason.  It has a kick and it has some warm heat with that spice.  Not the spiciest product out there but one that is just spicy enough to give you a zing and then have you come back for another bite.  


Aliyans products are middle-of-the-road in terms of cost.  This stick is no exception.  At around $1.99 per stick or lower when you purchase in a multi-pack it is a good value and not expensive compared to other equivalent products.


All around satisfying snack with a good flavor, hearty bite and a nice but not overwhelming kick.  We wish they could do more to improve the healthiness of the ingredients but we know this is on their roadmap.  We think that because this is the first halal snack of it's kind in that it's longer and has unique flavor and taste, this is a solid meat snack.  It's one that most people that have tried it have liked, and some have even called it their favorite.  We can see why.

Taste: 9/10

Packaging:  7/10

Health:  7/10

Price: $ (out of $$$$)

Meat Type: Beef


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