How does it work?

We help you discover the best snacks from all around the world delivered to your door. You receive a surprise of great snacks based on your preferences and go on a fun food journey with us.

These easy steps to getting your Halal SnackBox ūüėÉ :


You Select your box type!
Do you want to try different snacks, meat snacks, sweets and candy? You decide by filling out the Snack Survey based on your personal preferences. Then, we will take care of finding you the best set of snacks that we know you will love.


We prepare and ship your box!
Each month, we venture out to evaluate a variety of snacks, explore different food producers across the US and the globe; while we meticulously select the best for your Halal SnackBox. Last we prepare them and then ship them to you to enjoy with your friends and family.


Receive, open and enjoy!
Enjoy the flavors and tastes of different parts of the world each month with your friends and family. Take the snacks on the go while being sure it's Halal and saving time not having to leave the convenience of your home.


use your discounts in the snack Shop!
One of cool benefits of having a SnackBox subscription is the discounts you get in our Snack Shop! Don't let these go to waste, pick the snacks you like and buy more of them for you or your loved ones. We are continuously adding to our snack shop options so you will have more choices!

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