Shipping & returns

Shipping Information

Boxes typically ship within 3 days of order.  Delivery times can vary between 2-4 days once shipped out. 

A tracking number will be sent to you once the order has shipped.  The tracking number may not provide accurate information for the first 24-48 hours as the boxes may be in transit and not scanned at the station of arrival. 

Many of the products are arriving from overseas which may cause delay in shipment.  In those cases we will notify you of any delays.  

For recurring monthly orders, boxes will ship on the same date per month when the original order was made.  If there is a need to move the shipping dates please email us at  



Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.  We offer a refund at the retail value of any snackbox item that is missing or damaged upon arrival.  We also offer a full refund on any snackboxes that are lost during delivery.  For any issues or concerns with your snackbox purchase, please contact us at