What's inside

Our snack experts are constantly looking for the best of the best from all around the world. Discover amazing Halal Snacks you will love from the US and across the globe delivered right to your door.

The Treat Box

International Treats From Around The World!
Take a trip through international snacks!

The treat box is a sampling of the best halal snacks from around the world for you to try. In each box we combine International treats such as Italian cream wafers, Turkish delight, and Gummy Bears with healthier better-for-you snacks produced in the USA such as nut bars, cookies, lentil chips and more.

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Chips and Crackers

Found in the Taste, Meat and Variety Boxes
Satisfy salty cravings with Veggie Crisps, Lentil Chips, and White Cheddar chickbean crisps. These are way healthier than the common greasy potato chip options and taste great!

The Meat Box

Meat Snacks, Protein Bars, Lentil Chips and more...
This box gets you an assortment of satisfying meat snacks such as Beef Jerky, Beef Sticks, Turkey Sticks ...etc.

In addition, each box will also have protein snacks like lentil chips, protein bars and more.

Mixed Nuts and Fruit Snacks

Found in the Taste, Meat and Variety Boxes
We love mixed nuts and dried fruits! They are loaded with essential nutrients and key to a healthy lifestyle. That's why we try and fill our boxes with great tasting options for you to enjoy.

Extra Healthy Snacks

Found in the Taste and Variety Boxes
Snack even healthier with low fat lentil chips, nut and fruit snacks, or high protein bars.

The Variety Box

Our Large Box with International Treats, Healthy Snacks, Meat Snacks, Chips, and more....
Want the ultimate food adventure?

Looking for something that will please the whole family? This large box will have an assortment of items that everyone will love. Meat snacks for the meat lovers while sweet treats for the sweet tooth.

International items such as wafers, snack cakes, marshmallow treats and more. New organic or healthy items like roasted chickpeas, dried fruit snacks, nuts, lentil chips, nut butters and more....

Fun and Inspiring Content

Coloring pages, recipes, stories and more...
Every month you will receive content to help inspire you to keep a conscious lifestyle.

Look out for creative coloring pages, logic puzzles, meaningful stories and more.

Promotions and Coupons

We are working with food brands and other exciting companies to bring you promotions and coupons. Some of these coupons can be redeemed at your local grocery store while others can be redeemed online.

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